<h1>Autumn's Picks</h1>

Hey everyone! These are just some videos I thought you'd like to check out. Some of the videos will only be links, this is because certain labels don't want them directly embedded. Enjoy!

This was most likely one of my favorite performances of the night, the whole show was so high energy! If you happen to fall into possession of tickets to see Arctic Monkeys, guard them with your life.
No Surprises Radiohead Cover. This is absolutely beautiful. This woman has a wonderful voice covering a fantastic song and she deserves more support for this. Watch it, it will make your day.

Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know" acoustic. This is probably the best acoustic I've found by them. This is definitely worth a listen.

MGMT does an interview with MSN, 2013. The best MGMT interview I have found yet.

Vampire Weekend Live at Glastonbury, 2013. I saw these guys last year, they preform fantastic live. Very lively and fun.

The Strokes perform "Last Night" live. I love the strokes, "Last Nite" is off their 1st album "Is This It". Epic album. Hold it... all of their albums are epic.