Featured Albums
"Paradigms In The Design"
Paradigms In The Design
This great indie rock album is a collaboration between two Oklahoma City bands, Less Love and Wondernaut. Honest lyrics about loss and love, good mix of both heavy & light music.
This is the 5th album from British rockers the Arctic Monkeys. Full of catchy riffs and suave vocals, they deliver a gem that won them Best Album at the British Music Awards.
"Soft Will"
Soft Will
Smith Westerns is a young band from Chicago. Great indie music, nice production, some classic rock influences blended with a modern sound. Really well done.
"Evil Friends"
Evil Friends
Portugal. The Man is an absolutely incredible band from Wasilla, WA. This indie-rock album has catchy hooks, great music, and awesome lyrics. In my top 5 from 2013.
"Vibes, Love, Revolution"
Vibes, Love, Revolution
Springfield's Fear Nuttin Band brings a high energy vibe to the rock-reggae sound. Incorporating heavy metal riffs and conscious lyrics, their music is highly addictive.
"Time Is Now"
Time Is Now
The U.K.'s Brynovsky brings us a deep, soothing reggae-fusion album with great production, beautiful vocals, and meaningful lyrics that inspire you to create a better world.
"Get Wiser"
Get Wiser
SOJA - Soldiers of Jah Army is a reggae band from Washington D.C. This is my favorite album from one of my favorite bands. Conscious lyrics with heart and fight.
They get you jumpin'!
"Love Agenda"
Love Agenda
Morning Sun & the Essentials is a New York reggae band. The music is upbeat, the message is love & truth, and the sound is great. These guys know what's up, music and spirit.
"Hollow Ground"
Hollow Ground
Northampton's LuxDeluxe brings us a great rock album. Straightforward and well written, the songs are catchy and the musicians are all talented. You can listen over and over again.
The Sun Parade's second album is some really nice indie-rock. This Northampton band features acoustic guitar, an upbeat rhythm section, and interesting, catchy songwriting.
"All My Lovely Goners"
All My Lovely Goners
The Winterpills from Northampton have a really fantastic use of dynamics, and the male and female vocals work together to create some beautiful harmonies. Easy to listen to.
"Suicide Seating"
Suicide Seating
Episode 5 guest Anastasia Markov brings a funny and ironic twist to indie-folk rock. She has a phenomenal voice, and her songs are full of energy and wit.